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November 19, 2011
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Chapter 10: Rollicks slip of the Tongue.

"Fire in hole!" Cham called out as he ignited the gunpowder trail as everyone cleared way out of the cellars and hid among the counters in the kitchen. There was a loud boom as the ground rattled and vibrated, making the pots and pans shake in place. Rollick looked over as smoke bellowed out from below. He coughed slightly as he waved the air to help clear it away.

"Did it work?"

"Let go see!" Cham said eagerly as he hurried down as the others soon caught up to the minion. They found Cham staring at the wall. They had managed to blow away most of the debris but the path was still blocked.

Demeter walked up and growled, "Damnit!" he snarled.

Qeb was beside himself. Grimm had to smack the minion upside the head to calm him down but he too, began to feel the fear for the Master rise up in his throat. What if they couldn't get to them in time?

It's been nine days since Malkor was trapped. How long would he last? And Gnarl, he was old, he too wouldn't last long. These thoughts and many more echoed through the six young minions and Rollicks own head. The Ancients however, had other concerns.

Qeb suddenly shot up to his feet as his abnormally large ears moved forward. He sensed something. Even Rollick could sense it as the hair on the back of his neck stood up. The air had suddenly become charged and they could all sense the static.

Then, all around, the 'lighting' of the area became dark as the sounds of thunder boomed in the air. The rocks and debris exploded outward at them as Rollick snagged Cham and used his own body to shield the small minion. The minions all blinked and coughed as they looked back at the wall.

There was another bright flash of light as the bolt of energy burst through the wall, exploding the rest of the wall up and sending out rocks flying across the area. Rollick and the rest, even the minions, quickly fell to the ground to avoid being hit in the head. The air clouded up again as slowly, one by one, they got back to their feet.

Rollick coughed hard as the dust slowly began to settle. His eyes stung with the dust and debris in the air, making it hard to see. He could faintly make out movement. Was it the minions or was it something else?

Everyone, even the Ancients, held their breath at the sounds of shuffling. Someone, or something, was moving in the shadows and dust. The shuffling got closer as Rollick wiped his eyes free of the dust and debris as best as he could. He could make out an outline.

It was a figure, human in shape and stumbling as the figure walked forward, before tripping over a rock. He coughed hard due to the dust and slowly picked himself up to his feet or attempted to. Rollick hurried forward and grabbed the figures shoulder. He blinked, "Malkor?"

Malkor looked up; his red eyes dulled as he tried to focus on him. "Rollick?" his voice came out like a cats lick.

"Malkor! You're alive!" Rollick said, hugging Malkor tightly. Malkor give a groan of pain slightly. "Oh, I'm sorry!" Rollick said, letting go of him. "Come on, lets get you something to eat, you're thin, or thinner then normal."

Malkor just gave a roughed laugh at Rollicks joke. "Don't--- forget the minions," he said between breaths.

Rollick smiled, "No worries. I'll create my special pumpkin stew." He helped Malkor to a seat as Malkor almost collapsed on the seat, resting his head on the table. He took off his helmet and rested his head on the table, falling asleep instantly as Rollick brewed the stew. Slowly, one by one, the surviving browns climbed back up as they all collapsed with exhaustion.

Demeter flicked his only ear as he looked at the browns, helping them to their feet as Jork walked over to Malkor, looking at him with thoughtful yellow eyes. "Master tired. Yes." He looked over the minions as they all sat in the kitchen, resting. Rollick had told the guards off and locked the kitchen up. The minions all sat, resting. Eade stood by Jerzy, to keep him in line.

Jork walked over to Rollick, watching him brew the stew with interest. He perked his ears forward, listening as Rollick happily hummed. Jork moved his head back and forth, picking up the tune as he hummed with Rollick. Rollick looked around. "Salt, where did it go?"

Jork also looked around before finding what he thought was the salt. "Salt?" he said, handing the container of the white substance. Rollick looked down and smiled, "Yes." He gently took it and added it to the stew. Jork smiled happily, as he watched the human. Rollick called for a few other spices as Jork eagerly looked around the kitchen for them, handing them to the human.

After an hour of brewing and preparation, the pumpkin stew was finally done. Rollick served Malkors as he walked over to him, gently shaking his shoulder. "Malkor, Malkor wake up."

Malkor jolted awake, holding his head as Rollick placed the bowel in front of him. "Here, eat this," the young chef said to him. Malkor looked down at it tiredly as he slowly began to eat it before he was swallowing it down as fast as he could.

"Easy there! It's not going anywhere."

"I've had nothing but damned minion blood for weeks," he said between swallows. "And Rollick, this is the best thing ever."

Rollick smiled as he stood up and began to help Jork hand out bowels to the minions. Soon the sounds of the minions slurping and swallowing the stew filled the air as they began to slowly chatter to themselves. Malkor could not help but smile. Gnarl walked up to him. "Ah, it's good to see you got your red glow back in your eyes."

"It's good to have real food and drink," Malkor said, drinking down another cup of pumpkin juice. How he missed the taste of pumpkin. Rollick sat down next to him, eating his own bowel of soup. Malkor finished his fourth bowl of soup and his fifth cup of pumpkin cider. He gave a soft sigh as he leaned back, stomach full. "So, Rollick," Malkor said slowly in thought.

Rollick looked at him, "Yes?"

"Has anything happened in my absence?"

Rollick pondered in thought, "Hm, now that you mentioned it, I had heard a few rumors going around."

Malkor looked over at him. "Rumors?"

Rollick grew quiet, almost regretting speaking about the rumors. Malkors red eyes flared up. "Tell me Rollick, what has happened in my absence?"

Rollick sighed and looked around. "I will, but once we are sure we are alone."

Malkor narrowed his eyes slightly before he turned to his minions, "Ancients."

The four Ancients turned their attention to him. "Yes Master?" They said in unison.

"Double check the doors, and any entryway. I want no one entering, or leaving."

Demeter gave a humbled bow as the other three ancients followed suit. "We serve the Master," Demeter said as he began to order the three other Ancients. Jork took the southern entrance that lead to the storage room; Jerzy took the cavern room as Demeter checked the windows. "Clear Master!" He called out.

Malkors red eyes turned to Rollick. "Rollick, tell me. What did you hear?"

Rollick sighed, "It's about your father, the King."


Rollick sighed, "It was the second week you were missing when I was serving dinner to the King and Queen. They had all but given up looking for you."

Malkor narrowed his eyes listening.

"I overheard the king talking to the queen about who was to inherit the throne. They originally wanted your brother, the young Duke to claim the throne. Ever since your birth, they feared you."

"They never wanted you to have the throne from that moment. That is why you were anointed the Baron and your brother the Duke. To ensure you never claimed the throne. They realized you had Dark blood in you, your red eyes gave it away."

"So, all this time, all these promises, were just lies?"

"Yes. To keep you from getting the throne."

"And my brother?"

"Is going to claim the throne, but he doesn't even know of this. He's been looking for you when he's can but your parents have urged him to stop and continue in his studies. They didn't even have the village look for you, they acted like nothing had been wrong."

Malkor felt anger fly through his blood as he closed his eyes in thought. "So, they never even wanted me as Baron or hell anything. They just wanted to keep me content so they could have my brother rule."

Rollick swallowed, feeling Malkors anger as Malkor slammed his fist on the table, "Well, like hell I'm going to allow my dimwitted, lowly, incompetent brother to the throne? No! I shall not allow it!"

Rollick looked at him, "Then what do you plan on doing, lord?"

Malkor sighed and leaned back. He looked at the minions; they had all surrounded him, sensing his anger. Gnarl was in deep thought as well, stroking his chin. He walked up to Malkor, "I have an idea, lord."

"Speak it," Malkor said, closing his eyes. His head was pounding.

"Well, you're powerless as long as they're king and queen right?"

Malkor opened his eyes. "Yes," he said slowly.

"And you are the oldest one born, correct?"

"Yes," he said, looking at him.

"Then, why don't we," Gnarl giggled darkly as he grinned at Malkor. "Kill them."

Malkors eyes brightened at the idea but darkened, "Yes, but I cannot harm my brother. No matter how lowly he is."

Gnarls grin fell slightly as he bowed, "Of course, but if I can ask, why?"

"Because, I have no anger towards him for he has done nothing to me. It is the bastard and bitch on the throne that hold my anger. However, the question that remains is, how do I kill them?"

"We need the reds," Gnarl said simply, looking at the sleeping Cham. Malkor looked over at him as he got an idea. "Of course. You, red!"

Cham flicked his cow like ear as he yawned and stood up, stretching as he hurried over, "Yes master?"

"Where are the reds kept at?"

"The Halflings," Cham said, holding his tail in his hands. "They use us for heat. Cook their food. We meet water if we no do what told."

Malkor closed his eyes in thought. "Figures with those little short bastards. That's all they ever think about, food. Why in hell no ones slain them off like pigs is beyond me," he said with a scoff. He pondered for a moment longer. "Before we can even do anything, we need to rest. I am in no condition to even kill a single halfling off."

Gnarl nodded, "Of course, but I must insist we cannot delay anymore then what we already have."

"We have been held captive in a damned cave for over three weeks, two weeks short a month. The reds can survive another two weeks, if not more. I need to recover and plan my next course of action. For now, I want you minions to remain down in the tunnels. When you can, clear it out. I will help when I can. We must remain in a low profile. Wait for my orders until then."

Gnarl nodded, "Of course sire."

Rollick looked at them, "And I'll help clean up the tunnels as well. I have some pans they can use to move dirt and I can sneak a few shovels and tools."

Malkor could not help but smile at Rollick. "Thank you, my friend."

Rollick nodded, "I'm tired of having to share with those bloody Halflings. The king and queen will not even listen to me about them stealing extra food. I think it's about time we show them their foolishness."

Malkor could not help but grin. The thought of killing his parents, seem to delight him. He stood up and stretched as he walked off to his room to bathe and ready his armor for the coming slaying.

Soon, I will be the king, no, not king. I will be the Overlord of all!
Wow, its been a while hasn't it. Well, back on working on this. :yawn: geezes so much writing, I'm going breain dead :zombie:

@;-- ~*~ --;@

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:bulletorange: Overlord Chronicles Folder: [link]

Overlord rulings [some of the names are from other fan-fics; credits below]:
:bulletblack: Overlord [1] The Black Baron: Malkor
:bulletblack: Overlord [2]: Acerbus
:bulletblack: Overlord [3]: Thayron
:bulletred: Overlord [4]: Vessperion
:bulletred: Overlord [5]: Sayron

:bulletblack: Overlord characters/places/settings/creatures/GAMES (c) Climax and Codemasters: [link]
:bulletred: Original Vessperion/Sayron and Gnarls History: [link]
:bulletred: Also got some info and such from
From her Minion Mistress [Still reading them btw so it will take me awhile] [link]
:bulletyellow: For helping me with grammer errors and editing.

:bulletorange: Personality of Overlord Malkor [Mal- Cor]:

The Ancient Elite Minions:
Demeter -- leader
Eade -– has many piercings
Jerzy -- the moron
Jorck -- lamed ear




The Originals - First Generation:




--Ideas of the Ancients and the Orignals as well as Personalties of Minions Mentioned above that is not given a Ref Name (c)--Me--
--those with a :bulletblack: by their name are from Original Games---

:bulletblack::bulletred::bulletorange:REMEMBER!! THIS IS A FAN-FIC. ALL INFOMATION COMES FROM OTHER FAN-FICS AND THE GAME SERIES. ALL CREDITS ARE MENTIONED:bulletorange::bulletred::bulletblack:

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A few general things: There are more words besides "as" to connect sentence parts andthere's an apostrophe before the "s" when it's not referring to a plural.

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"Grimm had to smack the minion upside the head to calm him down but he, too" Comma.
"These thoughts and many more echoed through the six young minions' and Rollick's own head"
"The Ancients, however, had other concerns" Comma.
Qeb suddenly shot up to his feet and his abnormally large ears moved forward"
"blowing the rest of the wall up and sending out rocks flying" This, or remove the "up".
"He coughed hard due to the dust and slowly picked himself up to his feet, or attempted to" Comma.
"Rollick hurried forward and grabbed the figure's shoulder"
"his voice came out like a cat's lick"
"Malkor gave a slight groan of pain"
"you're thin, or thinner than normal"
"Malkor just gave a roughed laugh at Rollick's joke"
"He helped Malkor to a seat, before Malkor almost collapsed on it"
"the surviving browns climbed back up, before they all collapsed with exhaustion"
"The minions all sat, resting" The sentence before already told this.
"Rollick served Malkor, after he walked over to him"
"Malkor, Malkor, wake up." Comma.
"holding his head as Rollick placed the bowl in front of him"
"and began to help Jork hand out bowls to the minions"
"eating his own bowl of soup"
"Malkor's red eyes flared up"
"He's been looking for you when he could but your parents have urged him to stop"
"So, they never even wanted me as Baron or hell, anything." Comma.
"Rollick swallowed, feeling Malkor's anger as Malkor slammed his fist on the table"
"Cham flicked his cow-like ear before he yawned and stood up, stretching as he hurried over"
"Why in hell no one's slain them off like pigs is beyond me"
"Of course, sire." Gnomes violating cucumbers.
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