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Chapter 5: The Refugee


Nothing but darkness.

Everything so cold.

So still.

Is this Death?

@};--- ~}*{~ ---;{@

Moving silently, a hooded figure kneeled down by the strange creature. The said figure had been watching it from afar, slowly deciding what it was and why it was so far from the forest. The creature had washed up not too far away from Farmstead, a small farmland in the land of Greenvale. The humans, to the figure's amazement, were decent farmers, for being humans.

Very carefully, the figure picked up the small, frail body, before quickly hurrying off just as a group of farmers pulling a wagon came to the area as they hid behind a tree.

"What we gonna do about them halflin's? They're eating all my crops!" one farmer complained.

"If the lord and lady weren't so caught up on all the problems with em' elves, we'd have a better harvest if those pint sized pigs weren't eatin' em all," the other one replied.

"I don't care if the elves and the dwarves wage war, s'long as my pumpkins aren't harmed, I don't care."

"Aye to that, s'all we got is damn pumpkins the way the harvesting keeps up as it is."

"And potatoes."

"Damn Halflin's, never ever did trust those short bastards."

"Aye to that, aye to that," the farmer said as they began to walk off.

When the humans were gone, the figure moved swiftly back to the forests, carrying the small thing in the crook of the arm as they vanished into the woods.

@};--- ~}*{~ ---;{@

A smell of burning pinewood filled the air. It was musky but soft as it came and went. The sounds of a crackling fire added a smoothening sound to the room. However, one thing struck out the most that seemed to be the true reason for everything being so smoothening was the air was heavy with magic. It seemed to flow in and out of the room with ease.

The figure picked up the creature, holding it in one arm like a child as the fire was stoked up to a roaring blaze. Taking a needle and thread in hand the figure began to close up the wound, not before giving it a very throughout cleaning to rid of any infection and pus. Working carefully the hooded figure closed up the wound as the said figure waited for the burning logs to turn white.

When the embers of the logs were white, picked up the small red creature gently and very carefully, placed it right into the hearth of the fireplace, covering it up with some new fresh logs.

The fire roared to life with the new fuel of the logs as it crackled up and around the small red creature and began to heat up the room. The figure waited calmly and patiently. Watching the small frail creature as the fire licked around it but never burning it.

The heat felt good. It felt very good. The coldness began to fade away and replaced by the wonderful burning heat. Clawed hands began to flex as clawed toes began to uncurl. Cow-goat like ears flicked slightly against two small stub horns. It slowly began to open its eyes.

Cham blinked wearily. The fire was chasing back the coldness and the darkness as he felt the fire inside him began to slowly wake up and heat up again. He noticed then he was sitting, no more laying down in the middle of a fireplace hearth. How did he get here? Sitting up, he pushed off the logs and stood up giving a wide yawn and a stretch but winced slightly holding his side.

The dagger wound. It was healed or healing? He gently touched it wincing still as it stung in a bad way. Someone had mended it so that brought up another question to his mind, where was he? He sensed someone in the room and acting fast, he quickly absorbed the blazing fire into himself, refueling the fires inside him. His glow came back as he readied a fireball in his hand.

The figure rose up from the hiding spot the said being was standing in. A soft voice spoke, "It's alright now, Creature of the Flame, I will not harm you." Cham blinked. The voice was that of a woman and the fireball in his hand quickly vanished. He cautiously stepped out from the fireplace hearth and over to where the woman was standing.

"Who are you?" he asked trying to see her face but her cloak and dark clothing hid and masked it well in the shadows.

"Worry not me. Your wound will heal in due time now that the fire inside you has been stoked again," she said softly.

Cham flicked an ear slightly as his other ear swiveled around. He looked around the small cottage room. Spices, herbs and other such items from live animals to even the bones of animals were strung around the place. He paled slightly. Was he in a witch's house?

Me no want to be a potion! His mind panicked, as he looked around, playing with his tail.

"Fear not," the woman, said gently as she kneeled down to him. "I will not make you into a potion. You have somewhere you are needed to go, yes?" her tone was as soft as silk and it eased him slowly.

He swallowed and just nodded. For some reason, this woman, though as gentle and soft she seemed, was also sinister and almost dark. Magic flowed around her somewhat strong. That caught his attention again as both ears swiveled forward slightly.

"You has magic's!" he pepped up, looking at her as best as he could. The only thing he could see was the lower half of her face. Her lips were as red as a rose and as moist as freshly sprayed with morning dew. Her skin, he could somewhat tell from what he could see of it, was a soft tan color. Not too white or too dark. The cloak hid the rest of her features. Even with that, she seemed to be very beautiful and enchanting. Her form had a slender build.

She pretty, Cham said as he watched her for a moment longer. The woman smiled, sensing his thoughts. "What is your name, Creature of Fire?"

Cham blinked, coming too as all the little hearts in his mind popped. He fumbled, trying to remember. "Ch-Cham. Me," pointing to himself, "Cham."


Cham nodded vigorously, so his ears were even shaking as he nodded.

"What a fitting name," she said smiling softly again.

Cham felt himself go redder as he played with his tail. The hearts began to bubble up in his mind as he blushed. "Tee-hee," he said blushing hard. He looked up at her, even if she was still kneeled down; he still had to arch his neck slightly. She smiled at him. Cham was blushing, for his glowing belly was brighter then usual as he played with his tail. He tried to see any features of the woman but it was all masked and shadowed.

"Don't you have somewhere you are needed to be going?" the woman said to him as she stood up and walked over to open the cottage door for him. Cham blinked and hurried after her.

"Yes! Me must find the Masters! Rescue Reds!" Cham said as he looked out. The sun was just rising above the horizon of the trees. Still early morning by the way the angle of the sun was and the shadows. Cham flicked an ear as he heard the birds sing. The forest was still.

He walked out following the woman but stopped to look back at the cottage. It was hidden away in the roots of the trees. The only thing that gave it away was the faint silvery smoke rising up out of its chimney. Cham looked back ahead to see the woman waiting for him. He wasted not a second as he ran up and caught back up with her.

They walked for an hour or so before they were on the outskirts of the Gromgard wilderness. He looked back to see if the woman was still with him. He blinked as she just suddenly vanished off. He pondered and scratched his head with a claw. "Where did pretty lady go?" He looked around.

She was nowhere in sight. He sighed and saddened that she had left him on his own again. His side was still sore so he moved slowly and ran only when he had to. His side was still to painful touch but the more he moved, the more the pain dulled away till soon, he found himself running again. He moved over rocks with ease as he hurried up to the castle.

He stopped when some castle guards walked past, his ears flicked as he listened in to what they were saying. Nothing of interest. He sensed the air again. Where was the dark energy----

"Sheepies!" Cham called out loudly as the two guards stopped at the sound of his voice.

"Did you hear that?" One guard asked.

"Yeah, someone in a small high pitched voice called out, "Sheepies"," the other guard said, mimicking Cham.

"Think it was a damned half'lin?"

"Voice was too high. Prolly just some peasant running around play'in pranks."

"Yeah, prolly."

Cham gasped and covered his mouth as he hid behind the rock and pressed his body up against it, using a large leaf to hide his glowing belly. He stood there for a moment, not daring to move as he heard the two guards walk off to continue patrolling the area. Cham looked back ahead as he was face to face with a sheep.

He stared at it as he was torn between wanting to set the sheep's soft, curling, white-cream wool on fire or running off to where the masters awaited him. He stared as the sheep walked off. The ball of wool just screaming at him to burn it. "Me get sheepie later," he said hurrying off. The Reds were counting on him. He was about to run out when he ran back to the brush again.

There were guards all over the castle. He wouldn't even make it to the drawbridge without getting an arrow through his chest. He looked back at the sheep. Maybe burning the sheep wasn't a bad idea . . . .

He gathered a ball. He wondered how good his aim was . . . .

"What is going on down there!" the Captain of the guards yelled out as he ran out to see the sheep in the field were on fire. "What in the name of the mother goddess . . . " he said lifting up his mouth-guard to see if what he saw was true. Every sheep in the Gromgard field was on fire as they ran around, braying loudly.

"Put those animals out!" he ordered as guards ran out with buckets of water. Cham seized the moment and grabbed hold of a sheep. "Yah!" he yelled, kicking its sides to make it run. The sheep baahed loudly as it ran to the castle. Cham bunkered down in the wool as the animal bolted past some guards carrying water. Once inside the gate he pulled hard on its ears to make it stop. The sheep panted hard as it began to walk around in the courtyard.

"Now, where Dark Masters," Cham wondered looking around.

Leaving the sheep, he hurried off into the castle.
Cham lives! For now anyway. What sort of troubles will he get into now that he's infiltrated the castle? Who knows and who is the beautiful strange lady of the forest?

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