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August 4, 2011
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Chapter 6: Castle Troubles Part 1

@;--- Two Days Prior Before Cham's Escape ---;@

Malkor held them back as long as he could as the minions leaped forward at the Halflings. There was no way in hell he was letting the castle fall siege to the vermin. He blasted them back with a fury of his fire, uncaring if he drained himself. He would gradually build it up again. He just wanted the short bastards dead.

The Halflings fell before his small horde of minions and to his own blasts of fire, lightning and his axe blade. He stood panting for a while as there was a rumble in the air. Every sense in his body screamed at him to run. "Minions . . . Fall back!" He called and not too soon as the tunnels began to collapse around them. The Halflings fled from the scene. Malkor snarled as he was forced back to the middle chamber.

He stopped and studied the rock walls around him as the entire chamber shook and rattled. Once the dust had settled, he cautiously walked out back to the main tunnel leading out and stopped dead.

The Halflings had caved in any tunnel systems leading out. The rocks were far too packed and big for even him to dare to try blasting in fear of further collapsing the walls. Gnarl hurried up to him. "Sire, the tunnels to the Spawning pits have also been blocked."

"So, until we knock down either this wall or the wall leading to the Spawning pits, we're stuck."

"I'm afraid so, milord."

"Great . . ." Malkor growled as he muttered, "stuck in a room full of pint-sized idiots. Well, we better get started on figuring out a plan and get some minions to bury those wretched rat bodies" Malkor said as he begin to walk back, stepping over a Halfling's body. "Before their stench fouls up the air."

@;--- Three Days After Cham's Escape ---;@

Malkor laid out the map of the castle. "There has to be a way out of these forsaken dungeons. Ugh, from the looks of everything, my parents some time ago must have filled in much of the exits and if not them, then one of the previous rulers," he growled.

Gnarl looked it over as well. "They probably didn't want those stupid human servants of theirs wandering down here and getting lost. There are tunnel systems under here that did collapse. We lost a few browns."

Malkor nodded and looked over the maps as he flipped through them. "And we are still no closer from reaching the Elites?"

"They're stuck as of the moment. We're still making progress to the spawning pits, sire."

"How long do you think we have till we've breeched the wall?"

Gnarl looked up and over at the tunnel. "I couldn't even tell you, sire--- Giblet! Stop smashing Gabby and use that mallet for smashing the wall!" Gnarl yelled at the young minion. Malkor didn't even bother looking up. For the moment, they were all stuck. "And we still need to go find the Reds," Malkor said, rolling up the map.

"Yes. We do," Gnarl said, looking up at the Overlord. He tilted his head slightly, making his large ears move, "Something on your mind, lord?"

"Yes, actually," Malkor said, walking over to sit down on a rock to think. The old minion walked over to him and sat down beside him looking up at the dark lord.

"What is it you're scheming?"

"Not scheming, thinking is more of the term. If we could get a few minions to go through the castle and around to the other side of the wall, then, they can tell the elites to also start smashing the wall on their side. We can have that wall down in a matter of . . . well . . . faster then what we are progressing."

Even if he had the servants dig them out, it was still a day or two. Maybe more, he calculated. The tunnel systems were long and the dirt was more of clay than anything else, making it hard to dig. If they had a way to blow the wall up. Malkor opened the map again. He did not speak nor move for a very long time. His red eyes were seen brightly in the darkness. They were filled with the deep thought he had.

"Leave me and do not come until I call you."

Gnarl gave a bow. "Yes, milord." With that, the puzzled Gnarl walked away leaving Malkor to his thinking.

@;--- Five Days After Cham's Escape ---;@

Gnarl was worried as he walked up to the lord. Malkor had not spoken to him since he set to work, and, if his calculations were correct, that was over three days ago. "Sire?" the old minion asked, looking up at him.

Malkor did not respond, as he flipped through the maps. Gnarl peeked and blinked. Malkor was indeed up to something. As if, he was planning something. He looked at him again, "Milord."

"I think I found a way we can get some minions out, and up through the castle. They'll have to be new-spawns. Small and scrawny, or they won't fit."

Gnarl nodded, "I know a few. When do you need them?"


Gnarl nodded and called out for some minions. "Qeb! Spoon! Egg! Grimm and Steve!" Gnarl yelled out as the minions hurried up one by one. "Yes Gnarl?" they said in almost in unison as Egg and Steve were still picking on each other.

"Knock it off, Egg and Steve, alright boys, listen to our master. He has something very important to tell you."

Malkor looked at the minions. He raised a brow. He recognized Qeb with ease. Qeb had abnormally large ears that seemed to wag and move with the slightest motion. He also had the Halflings knife still. Gnarl studied Malkor as he began to introduce the other four.

"This here is Egg," Gnarl said as Egg walked up to him, grinning. He was missing his front teeth. "Greetings, master."

"Steve, come forth," Gnarl called out. Steve walked up as Egg rejoined the rank. Steve had one ear that flopped over on itself. "Greetings Master!" Steve said before Gnarl sent him back as he called forth Spoon. Spoon had rather oddly large hands and claws. Malkor could see how he got his name. Spoon could . . . easily spoon up the dirt and such with those claws. Spoon too gave his greeting as Grimm walked up.

Grimm had an odd look in his eyes. Malkor studied him for a moment. He could sense something in this minion, but what, he didn't know yet. He would keep an eye on Grimm. Grimm also seemed to walk a tad more upright then the other minions. "Greetings Master," he said looking up at Malkor. Malkor just gave a nod as Grimm walked back to the lines.

"Alright, listen up. There is a way to get out of here. Only you five can make it through. At the end of the tunnel, where the Halflings blocked us in, is a rock I can lift up long enough for you to get out," Malkor said as he led the way down the tunnel shaft, holding his torch ahead. Gnarl followed him as he took the torch, holding it for Malkor.

Malkor showed them the rock as he lifted it up for a moment, groaning slightly as daylight pooled out. He let go of it quickly as he continued, "Qeb, take the map and follow the path I've marked for you," Malkor said as he handed the small minion the map.

Qeb took it as if the master had just given him something of high value. He opened it up slightly with trembling claws, slowly so he didn't accidently rip it up. The pathway was pretty clear and straight forward with a few minor twists and turns. The minions looked it over as they looked back up at Malkor.

Malkor was still in deep thought. "You will have to move quickly and quietly. Do not bash anything unless you wish to greet death early." Malkor said looking at them darkly. "You five are our chance of making it out of here we run out of water. I'll work on opening up new shafts towards the spring to try to get us some more water, but, you five need to tell the, Ancients?" Malkor looked at Gnarl.

Gnarl nodded, "Yes, the Ancients or also known by the minions as the Elites, are the first spawned up minions, much like myself."

Malkor nodded as he looked at the five. "I can only hold it up for so long, so make haste and crawl through. Ready?"

The minions nodded as Qeb took front, his ears perked forward. They had to move quickly, he could sense the Master tiring out from his work of trying to dig away the rocks. "Now!" The Baron called out as he lifted up the rock as Qeb, Spoon, Egg, Steven and Grimm darted through, just the Baron gave a growl and dropped it down.

Malkor rested; the Halfling raid had taken a toll on him. He was sore from killing them off and trying to help dig them out. Gnarl walked up as he handed Malkor some dry bread. "Its not much sire, it was all I could find and snatch from the other minions."

Malkor looked at it. "Nay, you eat it. I am still young and vigor. I'll be fine."

Gnarl made a face but put it up for later. "Very well, Sire."

Malkor looked at him. "Do you think they'll be alright?"

"Don't worry milord. As I told you, the browns are the sturdiest of the minion types and your main fighters. They'll be fine . . . however . . . I must say, they do have a tendency of destroying things and getting into trouble."

"Great, so my life is in the hands of five morons' short one egg of a dozen?"

"Yes . . . unfortunately. However, rest assure, they'll do whatever it takes to get to the Elites. The minions may not have that much brain, but when it comes to their master, they'll do just about anything and give anything away possible."

"I hope, for our sake, you are right," the Baron said as he walked back to where the rest of the new-spawn were waiting. Gnarl just sighed and hurried off after him.

@};--- ~}*{~ ---;{@

Qeb looked at the map of the castle. The castle was vast, but the pathway was, just as the Baron said, simple, but deadly. Guards were all over the place. They would have to sneak past them or fear of finding a sword through their chest.

Qeb perked his ears forward, listening. So far so good. Egg and Steve were bickering again as Spoon was snickering at them. Qeb turned around and gave them both a hard wallop on the head. "Shush! We be spotted!" he warned.

The Black Baron had given them a clear and severe warning; they were to not bash or destroy anything. Just get to the elites as soon as possible. Qeb would ensure that at all cost. He looked at the map for a moment as he studied the area. "We here," he pointed. The minions looked around for the way marked on the map.

"This a-way!" Qeb pointed as he rolled up the map and hurried off. Egg followed after him as Spoon kept between him and Steve. Grimm was at the rear. Qeb had to pause several times to prevent getting lost in the hallways of the castle and for the minions to scatter if a guard came near.

"We dar yet?" Egg called out, as they climbed out from their hiding places. The guards were indeed everywhere. Navigating through the castle was harder than what Qeb thought. "Er . . ." Qeb said looking down at the map.

From the looks of the map, they were still barely in the entryway of the map. The first safe point was still a ways away. "Sort-of?" he confessed, scratching his head. He didn't know how far they were. All he knew, they were at least following the right path, he hoped silently. "Come on, this way!" He said as he rolled up the map again and headed off down the hallway.

The five new-spawn minions ran as fast as they could down the hallway and as silent as they could. All around were breakable objects such as statues and pots. Grimm had to keep smacking Steve upside the head to keep him from wanting to smash everything. Steve yelped and cowered away from Grimm as Egg just laughed and snickered at him, before receiving the same blow by Grimm. "Shush!" Grimm said.

Qeb looked at them as he hurried down the hall. He was soon forced to stop as he pulled out the map to check where they were. Malkor had, on the side drawn an object or an item as some sort of marker for the minions to look around for. If they found the marker, they were on the right trail.

However, Qeb could not find the next marker. He stopped and blinked as his ears quivered. They had taken a hallway too soon. "We need go back."

"Go back? Why?" Spoon asked, looking at him.

"No marker here. Back to find marker. Off trail."

"Again?" Grimm said with a growl.

Qeb looked at him. "Yes. Too soon of turn. We need go back."

Grimm walked forward as Steve took point along with Egg. "Give me map. You no lead us. You get us lost."

Qeb glared at him. "No. Master gave me map. Me in charge!" He said rolling it up quickly and holding it out of Grimms' reach.

"You no lead us right! You lead us into dead ends and guards!" Grimm growled trying to get the map away from him. Qeb darted away from him as he shouted at him.

"No! Master gave me map!"

"Give map! You lead us no where!"

"No!" Qeb yelled again.

Steve, down the hall, was trying to get their attention as he hopped up and down, flailing his arms madly. "Guards! The Guards are coming!" he said, trying not to shout. Egg and Spoon looked over at him. However, Qeb and Grimm were fighting and kicking at each other as they rolled into a vase stand.


The two minions stopped dead as both of their ears shot up. Down the hall, a guard yelled, "What was that?" and "Check it out!" as the minions could hear and feel their foot steps. "Run!" Qeb yelled as he snatched the map and gave Grimm the dirtiest look he could give.

But before he or Grimm could run into hiding, a guard came into the hall. "Demons!" he yelled as he raised his sword and charged at the two stranded minions. "Uh, oh," Qeb said his ears lowering flat.

Grimm called out as he pushed Qeb and himself out of the way, they sprawled as Qeb almost lost hold of the map. Scrambling up and for it, he quickly got to his feet, holding the map roll tightly in his clawed hands. "Where we go!?" the minions called out as they began to play keep-away with the guard. Qeb stuttered as he quickly opened it up.

"This way! This way!" He shouted as he darted down the hall. Egg, Steve, Spoon and Grimm hurried after him as the guards began to trail after them. Qeb opened the map again. They had passed a marker. So far, so good. Now, how to ditch the guards? He looked at the map as they ran down the hall. There was an empty room just three doors away.

"Quick!" he said as he leaped up and turned the handle freeing the door as the five minions hurried into the room and scattered, hiding among the various items and junk. It was a storage room. The guards burst into the room and looked around.

"Think they're in here?"

"Even if they were, we can't touch this without Her and His Majesties authorization. Let's keep looking, maybe they went further down."

The other two guards nodded and spoke in agreement as they hurried off. Once they were long gone and out of hearing range, Qeb poked his head out. "We made it to safe point," he said, looking at the mark on the map that said Storage Room and circled. "We rest now. Wait for guards to calm."

Grimm growled, "We lucky. You lucky. We no hurt."

Qeb growled at him. "Shut up! We safe."

Grimm growled as he crawled out from his hiding spot and began to rummage through the stuff in the closet. Qebs' ears quivered as he watched angrily. "Master said no touchy!"

Grimm looked at him. "Master said no breaking."

Egg and Spoon nodded in agreement, as Steve was happily playing with some old candleholder. Qeb just growled but Grimm had a point. He sighed and looked around. Some of the old junk could be useful. Especially as armor. Qeb sighed as he fitted a piece of leather on him. "We ready?"

Egg and Spoon nodded as Spoon held up a long, slightly rusted fork. Egg had a spoon while Steve had found some knives. Grimm had found an old rusty dagger as he finishes equipping himself with some of the old junk.

"Me ready!" Steve called out.

"We ready!" Spoon and Egg called out.

Me ready," Grimm said dully.

Qeb nodded and peeked out before waving his clawed hand at them. "Come!" The brown minions hurried down the hall, Qeb in the lead as he hurried them faster. Their master didn't have much time in the tunnels. Hold on, Master. I come! Qeb's little mind said fiercely.

However, unknown to them, another trouble, was brewing.
Minions loose in the castle.
Malkors stuck in a cave filled with new-spawn brown minions.
Makes you wonder, which is worse?

: D

@;-- ~*~ --;@

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:bulletorange: Overlord Chronicles Folder: [link]

Overlord rulings [some of the names are from other fan-fics; credits below]:
:bulletblack: Overlord [1] The Black Baron: Malkor
:bulletblack: Overlord [2]: Acerbus
:bulletblack: Overlord [3]: Thayron
:bulletred: Overlord [4]: Vessperion
:bulletred: Overlord [5]: Sayron

:bulletblack: Overlord characters/places/settings/creatures/GAMES (c) Climax and Codemasters: [link]
:bulletred: Original Vessperion/Sayron and Gnarls History: [link]
:bulletred: Also got some info and such from
From her Minion Mistress [Still reading them btw so it will take me awhile] [link]
:bulletyellow: For helping me with grammer errors and editing.

:bulletorange: Personality of Overlord Malkor [Mal- Cor]:

The Ancient Elite Minions:




The Originals - First Generation:




--Ideas of the Ancients and the Orignals as well as Personalties of Minions Mentioned above that is not given a Ref Name (c)--Me--
--and many more to come--

:bulletblack::bulletred::bulletorange:REMEMBER!! THIS IS A FAN-FIC. ALL INFOMATION COMES FROM OTHER FAN-FICS AND THE GAME SERIES. ALL CREDITS ARE MENTIONED:bulletorange::bulletred::bulletblack:

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Two things bug me here: The rocks would hardly block out the air, the main problem would be the lack of water. And Malkor sitting unmoving for over three days sounds rather...unrealistic.
Now the obvious:

"Two Days Prior Before Cham's Escape" This goes for all headers.

"The Halflings fell before his small horde of minions and to his own blasts of fire"

"as the entire chamber shook and rattled"

"Sire, the tunnels to the Spawning pits have also been blocked."

"either this wall or the wall leading to the Spawning pits, we're stuck."

"I'm afraid so, milord." Comma.

"stepping over a Halfling's body"

"They probably didn't want those stupid human servants of theirs" Removed apostrophe.

"wandering down here and getting lost"

"We're still making progress to the spawning pits, sire." Comma.

"I couldn't even tell you, sire--- Giblet!" Comma.

"Something on your mind, lord?" Gnarl riding a panda.

"the other side of the wall, then, they can tell the elites to also start smashing the wall" Removed a "to".

"and the dirt was more of clay than anything else, making it hard to dig"

"If they had a way to blow the wall up."

"They'll have to be new-spawns"

"they said almost in unison as Egg and Steve were still picking on each other"

"Knock it off, Egg and Steve" Comma.

"Qeb had abnormally large ears that seemed to wag"

"He also had the Halfling's knife still"

"Greetings, master." Flying gargantuan on a goldfish.

"Spoon could . . . easily spoon up the dirt and such" Removed comma.

"He could sense something in this minion, but what, he didn't know yet" Added two commas.

"Very well, Sire." Minion wieners decorated with ribbons.

"where the rest of the new-spawns were waiting"

"This a-way!" ?Qeb pointed as he rolled up the map and hurried off"

"as Spoon kept between him and Steve. Grimm was at the rear."

"Navigating through the castle was harder than what Qeb thought"

"He didn't know how far they were"

"at least following the right path, he hoped silently"

"All around were breakable objects such as statues and pots" Removed comma.

"However, Qeb could not find the next marker" Removed comma.

"rolling it up quickly and holding it out of Grimm's reach."

"Steve, down the hall, was trying to get their attention" Added comma.

"flailing his arms madly" Except if he was actually pulling his skin off his arms to get attention.

"hurried into the room and scattered, hiding among the various items and junk"

"maybe they went further down."

"?Qeb growled at him"

"?Qeb just growled but Grimm had a point."

"?Qeb sighed as he fitted a piece of leather on him" Cham, go back drooling at the Lady.

"Egg and Spoon nodded as Spoon held up a long, slightly rusted fork"

"Grimm had found and old rusty dagger as he finished equipping himself"

"Hold on, Master" Every time I see those missing commas before sire, master and lord, there will be some stupid comment now.

"Qeb's little mind said fiercely" Added apostrophe.

"However, unknown to them, another trouble, was brewing."
Ephah Aug 7, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, that explains all the random comments after some of the editations. :XD: Gwad damn commas . . . :shakefish:

But, they did make me laugh. :lmao:

And wow, I so didn't realize I kept putting Chams name instead of Qebs. :dummy:
Sunjinjo Aug 5, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Nice. I love that maze-race. YouŽre good at setting the atmosphere!
Keep it coming :D
Ephah Aug 5, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Still working on it. Still also trying to keep up with your work. Its both slow and fun. I could have made their maze-run longer. Actualy, very long. I'll do it in the next chapter.

Hehehe minion madness is fun.
olgatarta Aug 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow!! Coud you not sleep because of you birthday? :-)
Ephah Aug 5, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
No, watching Power Rangers.
olgatarta Aug 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
If you were italian, you could write (if you like something): W power rangers. The W means that you like something. If you dislike, make M (= M school, don't like school) ;-).
Ephah Aug 5, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I'm confused, what?????? :confused:
olgatarta Aug 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok, IŽll explain:
italian people sometimes write W for like somethig, if it is cool. M for dislike something. You can se this everywhere, especially on school walls. If you write for example " W football" everyone will know that you like football. M is the opposite of W, because its showing down, means that you hate something: "M rain" means that you donŽt like rain. Alright? ;-)

(I know it, because I grew up in italy!!!) :-)

Ok, I say: W Ephah!!
Ephah Aug 6, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
:confused: ^^; ok. . . . I'm just a simple american. But thats intresting. Here, I dunno what we do different if we like or dislike something. :shrug:
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