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The Blade of the Fallen by Ephah The Blade of the Fallen by Ephah
The Blade of the Fallen:

"In truths to behold, this blade unfolds, of the sins of all hearts desire. Dark or light, it holds its sight, unto all that dare behold.

Through darkest sin, thy path begins, as the blade comes undone. Adjusting to, its wielders’ hue, the blade has yet to begin."


Behold now oh Shadowed One, of he who shall bring forth the final Judgment, thy blade holds one protend:

"Give in unto thy darkest descend and fail to make amends, thy mind and heart shall break and into darkness ascend"

"But weary not oh Shadowed One for the light has many paths, if thy heart and mind are strong enough to mend thy given sin."

"But even in the holy light darkness shall always lie just as in even darkness thy holy light still burns. Waiting to be thine guide through all the wicked turns."

"But unto truth which thou doth seek, you must first ascend to Heavens peak and then be cast to fall with broken sealed wings"

"When four are to rise and three to fall, and thus be GOD over all."

"But be wary now oh dearest Wielder, thy heart knows thy way. Its sinful jest will out-do thy best, if given unto its sway."

"A monster of all, the bringer of the Fall, thou shall upend thy ways, for thou art the One. Thy path is done . . . Thy heart begun . . . to unravel they shattered way."

"Through pain thou sees, what is meant to be and soon all shall come again."

"So be weary oh Shadowed One, the Corruption . . . has only just begun."

In other words, those that dare wield the Blade of the Fallen, or Desolation as its also called in most scenarios [it has many other names depending who wields it, The Blade of the Fallen, Oblivions Decent, Abomination of Desolation.]

It adjusts to its wielders’ inner heart, mind and self, basically, the unconscious and sub-conscious part of yourself. That’s how it shifts to whatever form of its said master.

Normally, its uncomfortable to the Conscious mind as it tries to deal on how to use it but the sub-conscious and the unconscious part of the brain its perfect, which also explains why normally, they don't realize half the blows they perform, mainly death, special and certain combo blows.

Its a very deadly blade. Its neither angelic and holy, nor demonic and impure/corrupt, it goes off its wielder. It can either help you turn into your corruption or . . . help you realize your corruption and helps you stop the further progress.

if you even realize it at all


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elyeli Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2009
this is really well done!
Ephah Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks took a while too, damn measurements
Ketsuekiame Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009
*laughs at desolation's blade*(Love the blade though this is just me asking to get my head chopped off)You call that a blade? It cant even cut through stone. *Holds up his sword*Try this Dalmascan steel able to cut through a rock.
Ephah Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
*a sudden blade swings at his head as a very irritible Desolation suddenly appears* CAN YOUR'S KILL A GOD? I THINK OF NOT!!!!!

*Blade flashes and changes as the chains unwound like serpents and lash at at your's and shatters your blade*
Ketsuekiame Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009
O.O............. that was a present from my dead mother. *crys*THATS IT!
*pulls out dual broken blades of fate*Now you shall face my legendary blades*Clashes and locks blades with Desolation*(Im having fun XD)
Ephah Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
What is of death to me as well as of what is of life. Balance is of what they are. Foolish human . .

*blocks and claws shimmer as Deso slices for you're eyes*

((you're going to die. He's invincible and no matter what you do, he'll still beat you, so you can't god-mode your way out of this, after all, he was desinged to kill gods))
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