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Wrath of the Queen by Ephah Wrath of the Queen :iconephah:Ephah 17 68
Little Red Tooth
The task should have been easy, right? Simply fly in, snag the tooth, leave the coin and fly out on their merry way. How it has always been in the land of Fables as far as anyone, even the fairies could recall. Nothing bad has ever happened to the Toothfairies. They were welcomed. Children eagerly placing their fallen tooth under the pillow to get a coin back. How these creatures knew there was a tooth under the pillow was a mystery all in its own.
Now what the Toothfairies actually did with the lost teeth, another mystery to everyone but that mattered not. Children and even adults didn’t care nor question the strange ritual. It was fun as they got a coin from it and often, rather valuable, collectable coins.
The small blue Toothfairy made her way to the cottage in the woods. Shimmering wings flapping so rapidly, it looked as if she was simply floating. Blue fairy dust sparkled behind her, like shimmering glitter. She flew to the window of the cottage. She knew this cottage well;
:iconephah:Ephah 1 7
C.FM_Chpt_1_Why_Are_You_Sleeping_001 by Ephah C.FM_Chpt_1_Why_Are_You_Sleeping_001 :iconephah:Ephah 9 28 FM_Short_Title_000 by Ephah FM_Short_Title_000 :iconephah:Ephah 7 26 FM_Title_Page_000 by Ephah FM_Title_Page_000 :iconephah:Ephah 5 13 Gaming_Con_Laser etched cup by Ephah Gaming_Con_Laser etched cup :iconephah:Ephah 10 11 Gaming_Con_Laser etched cup_Symbol by Ephah Gaming_Con_Laser etched cup_Symbol :iconephah:Ephah 10 17 Gaming_Con_Knight_Meh by Ephah Gaming_Con_Knight_Meh :iconephah:Ephah 11 22 Gaming_Con_Knight by Ephah Gaming_Con_Knight :iconephah:Ephah 8 4 Nest outside mah window by Ephah Nest outside mah window :iconephah:Ephah 11 32 Halcyon work doodle by Ephah Halcyon work doodle :iconephah:Ephah 15 15 When The Man Eating Pear Sings by Ephah When The Man Eating Pear Sings :iconephah:Ephah 5 23 Oover and Out by Ephah Oover and Out :iconephah:Ephah 20 62 Oover_V6.5 by Ephah Oover_V6.5 :iconephah:Ephah 34 92 Hello there by Ephah Hello there :iconephah:Ephah 10 27 Mark of the Lich Queen by Ephah Mark of the Lich Queen :iconephah:Ephah 12 31

My work. Not the greatest, you've seen better but then again, we are all at different levels.

Forsaken Memories

dA Mum

If you can see this, thank you for everything and I wish you luck!

Beyond the inner demon

Even the most hardened of warriors need someone to rely on.

Shout out to all my friends. Thanks for staying by me. It really means a lot.



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I need a new updated picture of my dragon avatar.
Maybe later.


Writing it out

Thu Oct 26, 2017, 9:22 PM
Quick shout out: 
Thank you Sleyf for the wonderful advice and for taking the time to talk to me in your busy bee of a life and for giving me tips and hints! It really means a lot to me! 
Rainbow Heart [Free to use] Rainbow Heart [Free to use] Rainbow Heart [Free to use] Rainbow Heart [Free to use] Rainbow Heart [Free to use]
Just a few updates. I've figured out how I'm going to write out this damn thing. The chapters are going to be broken up into parts since many chapters will be long and extend for some time. Not only that but, I have several character clusters that I will be changing focuses on constantly along with having events happen at the same time with another.

This will help break up tensions and keep things in check while giving readers an understanding of ripple effects. Basically, one group influences the other groups even though, while they may not be near each other or even in the same 'areas'; their actions still have a significant impact and effect on the others. 

Each 'part' is going to be focused on specific characters at a given time. There is going to be a lot of cross referencing between the groups and the parts. So paying attention details are going to be critical if readers seek to know what the hell is going on or why something is happening.

As for how many parts each section will have, is hard to say. In other words, I write what I write. While I do have an outline of plots, arcs and climaxes, I still have no idea how long each one will be. It all depends on the flow. 

For my own sake and to keep dA from going, "YOU HAVE A DEVIATION TITLED DIS ALREADY!", I'm labeling the written form as N.FM [Novel Forsaken Memories] while the comics will be C.FM [Comic Forsaken memories] to keep them separated. Each one will have a link to the other.

Reminder: Forsaken Memories will not be the focus of my channel. Sadly, it's just easier to write as I'm still trying to get my own original work to take off. So I will be posting other writing from time to time that have no relation to this.

FORSAKEN MEMORIES IS JUST FOR THE FUCK OF IT. Nothing of it will ever be canon due to so many issues and ties it has. I'm not joking. I'm surprised we were able to pull it off. It was giving me something to write about for fun while I work on trying to get my shit in gear.  

Now a few things I need to clarify before I begin to upload pages:

FNAF 2 Red WarningIMPORTANT HEADS UP!!!!FNAF 2 Red Warning

A few things I need to make sure is clear and understood by everyone:


Nothing and I mean nothing, in the story is related to anything in that damn franchise and fandom. The only reason why you would even see it in groups that deal with the damn thing is because of the sprites. There's nothing I can do about the sprites sadly.

They're simply a means to an end.

By this statement, I will come forward and state I will be extremely annoyed, bordering insulted . . . if I see it faved into collections dealing with damn kirby. Sadly, as much as this will . . . annoy the ever living hell out of me . . . I can't control how society connects shit.

So, don't expect me to be very . . . "kind" if my work even becomes associated with that shit. I don't hate the games . . . but I no longer want to be associated with it anymore with my work.

I am breaking away from it and moving onto more original work.
If I could draw better than what I do, I would draw the comics but since I can't, I'm using the sprites to create the comics. I still like working with the sprites, just now what they're associated with.

The written story will be written with characters that look human and some that will be anthropomorphic based.

FNAF 2 Red WarningFNAF 2 Red WarningTHERE WILL BE SPOILERS!!!!FNAF 2 Red WarningFNAF 2 Red Warning

There is nothing I can do about this. The pages will be fully written out and kept in their 'cluster'. I'm still working on the finer details of how I want things to go alas however, things are easier to figure out when you're writing it than sitting staring at it.

If you don't want to have the comics ruined . . .

Stupid simple solution.

FNAF 2 Red WarningFNAF 2 Red WarningTHE HORROR THEMES STILL APPLY!!!!FNAF 2 Red WarningFNAF 2 Red Warning

I will become very detailed with discritpions . . . A little more so than I can in the comics.

So, if it has a block on it and you see those wonderful flashing
warning signs . . . I don't even want to fucking hear it.

I've given out more than what I should for warnings. Don't like it?

Jesus middle finger chat emote 

Now then:

Pixel Rose Bullet - PurpleBulletpurpleFAQBulletpurplePixel Rose Bullet - Purple 

For more information about the comics, please go here: 
Forsaken Memories 411

Bulletpurple Will I still be working on the comics?

YES! :iconimhighplz:

However, as I mentioned in several journals, it's going to take me longer due to needing sprite sheets and one in particular, needs to be completely custom made. That in itself, we're looking at possibly of 3-5 months depending on Masked-Gamer availability and not to mention, my own sheets I need to fix and put together.

Bulletpurple Will the story differ from the comics? :iconthinkingplz:

Yes and no.

The story is literally the comics but in a written and slightly more detailed form. The story is the script. This is actually far more helpful because I can write out scenes better and discuss them with Masked-Gamer and BioMetalNeo about parts and plan ahead.

Naturally, the two variations are going to be different from each other both from the obvious and with details. Even though they're both essentially the same thing. The way I see it as a coin. It's still a coin but with two different sides.

So, due to this, I don't even want to see a damn comment stating along the lines or close to: "But the story goes like this", or "The comics had this."

No fucking shit the story had this and the comics had that. They're two different mediums of portraying a story. Why movies based off books tend to be different. There is only so much one medium can show and tell. But put it together, and you get a picture regardless of how it's shown or told.

Bulletpurple How often will pages be posted? :icon0u0plz:

No clue. I've got like . . . too many projects on my mind I'm doing at once. Not to mention work and what little of a life I dare claim. The pages I can work on at work after lockdown and with the network back in the control rooms, I can post pages from work. But even then, it will still take time.

I will be listing how many pages each section has as well to help you get a feel of what you're reading. Not sure if I want to put it in the title or in the comment section. I'll toy around with it.

Anyhow, I think that's honestly it. I'm not sure what else I can spell out that I haven't already covered. Enjoy my walls of text!



Growing annoyance here.

While I personally do not care if someone uses Oover for something, I still want to SEE what the hell you're doing and what you plan to do and if you DO use her or any character I own for something [at the time, only Oover], and I now demand one of the following. No more asking nicely:


2: MENTION me via using the code :icon ephah: [no space so it looks like this: :iconephah:] or :dev ephah: [again no space so it looks like this Ephah]

Doing that no only alerts me to what you've done, so I can see it for starters and hopefully comment but also, so I know what the fuck is going on with my characters.

Is that too much to ask for a little acknowledgement and to know what the fuck is going on with them? They're my creation. Wouldn't you want to know what's going on with your work?


If I use someone's character, EVEN WITH PERMISSION PRIOR, I still MENTION them.

Which one are you more drawn to? I prefer M&M's honestly but, Reese's Pieces has always had a soft spot. Skittles I really have to be in the mood for. 

14 deviants said M&M's in general
9 deviants said Skittles [brand] candies in general
5 deviants said Reese's Pieces


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