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Chapter 4: Adventures of Cham

Cham ran for his little-known life. Behind him, almost on his tail, the Halflings chased after him. He was fast but so were they, for having so short legs. He ran down through the maze-like tunnel system of the Halfling burrows. Where he was, he hadn't a clue in hell.

He just ran.

Screaming like a girl.

Cham knocked over anything and everything he could to slow down the growing Halfling numbers. Cham wasn't strong enough to keep up a good fireball tossing or to seriously light anything ablaze. He had to make do with what he could.

He ran down the hallway lost in the maze. He panted hard as he rounded another dead corner. "Dead end?!" He cried as he listened. They were looking for him. He didn't want to die just yet. He especially didn't want to die by drowning for the amusement of the Halflings. "Stupid fat pigs," he growled as he looked around.

He turned around and darted back down the hall turning the corner . . . only to haul ass right back out of the hallway and down another hallway as two Halflings hounded after him, throwing rocks and food at him. He was smacked in the head with a melon as he was sent tumbling, face down. Without wasting another moment, he pushed himself up and ran, ignoring the melon that dripped off him. However, the melon had thrown his senses off for a moment.

He ran screaming down the hallway again, his arms flailing. He was just a New-Spawn, of all things to happen to him. Least me not drowned Minion, he remembered the poor minion that got drowned. But it was funny, he admitted. Yes, it was very funny. But he knew, if he was caught, he would suffer the same fate.

Cham ran down another hallway only to find that one, too, had Halflings in it. Trapped! He looked around for a way to escape as he darted between them burning a few with his weak fireballs. It kept them at bay, but no for long. The Halflings were, smarter than they seriously looked. They grabbed anything to use as a shield to block his fireballs.

He recognized a few hallways he had already been down and turned down some unfamiliar tunnels and hallways, marking where he went by destroying and scorching anything he could. Which, honestly, wasn't anything. He just made the walls black.

He ran in circles again as the Halflings gained on him. He tried using his nose but everything stank of Halfling. He couldn't even tell the difference between water and a Halfling! He bounded down another hallway as more Halflings blocked him off. He ran and leaped in between them, as the group that was chasing after him, ran smacked head on into the first group.

He laughed when his nose caught the whiff of something. He paused and stood on his tiptoes smelling the air. "Grass! And," sniffing again, "Sheepies!" he exclaimed happily. Without wasting another second to even think, he sped off towards the smell. He had finally found the exit! Or least smelled it finally.

He ran, following the smell while at the same time, dodging the Halflings. He skidded to a halt as a knife flew past him. They were throwing knifes now? He thought he had ditched the cooks ages ago. He screamed and ran out, hands and arms flailing about again. He felt like a little kid looking for its lost parents, while being chased by some maniac stranger.

Cham ran down the various corridors again, dodging knives and anything else thrown at him as best as he could. The Halflings did manage however, here and there, to knock him down with a piece of fruit or a rock. He was running down some stairs, when a Halfling nailed him head on with a piece of fruit, sending him tumbling down the shallow stairway.

He tripped and tumbled down, landing on his face as he pushed himself up, his arms wobbling under him but never the less, he got up and ran off again. He was getting tired as he panted hard but he could not rest. The little bastards were hot on his tail. The rocks weren't as bad as the fruit. They hurt all the same but the fruits actually managed to knock him down.

The thought of giving up, oddly never came to his mind. He would keep going even if meant he died in the process. He had to find the Masters at all cost! He ran down through the hallway, following the faint scent. He could almost taste the crisp air. He looked up and cried out with joy. He had found the front door!

"Don't let it escape!" A Halfling yelled as one ran up throwing a knife.

@};--- ~}*{~ ---;{@

Cham felt the grass under his claws and in-between his toes as he ran out of the Halfling burrows. But he wasn't out of the danger yet. All around, the alarm his escape raged around like a wild fire as they came out from every angle possible. He looked around before he saw an escape. However, it required him crossing a body of water.

Without even thinking, he ran to the creek as he took a leap. He just barely hit the other side of the waters edge when suddenly the ground began to crumble under him. He scrambled up trying to get up the steep side as the Halflings began to throw rocks at him again, trying to knock him down.

He winced from the pain in his backside but ignored it as he struggled to get up. He could feel his arms giving in. He dug into the earth and was almost on the ledge when it gave out under him. He gave a loud cry as he plunged into the water.

The undercurrent was stronger then it looked as it sucked him down. The minion flailed about as he struggled to get to the surface. The irony was thick in the air around him. If he lived, he would never laugh at another drowning minion again.

He began to lose conscious as he struggled to stay above the surface. But he, like the Browns and the Greens could not swim. If what he remembered from the other Minions telling him, only the Blues could swim. The last thing he remembered seeing was the sun as he moved under the water.

@};--- ~}*{~ ---;{@

At first, there was nothing but darkness. Silence. Me dead? Is me with other dead ones? A voice echoed out slightly. He felt so cold. How could he of all things be cold? He was a Red. Reds were always fiery and hot. But he was cold. Like ice. He felt odd as well. Like everything was slow and sluggish. He struggled to open his eyes as he sat up and coughed hard, his breathing raspy. He felt something wet under him.

I in water still? He closed his eyes groaning as he laid back down in the puddle. It was sticky. His body felt so heavy. He could feel the darkness come back around him again as his breathing was still raspy. He didn't move for a whole day, too weak to move.

By the next day, he groggily woke up. He sat up but instantly regretted ever sitting up. Pain shot through him as he lay back down in the somewhat wet puddle. What was he lying in? Instinctively, he raised a clawed hand. Blood stained it as he moved his fingers.

He had forgotten that the Halflings had managed to get him with a knife. It must have fallen out a while ago when he was running. He didn't even feel it until now. He let his clawed hand drop as he looked up at the sky. The sun was high. If he were to get moving, now would be the time.

But he was so weak. He could feel death all around him. He got to his feet. The glow in his stomach was a mere faint flicker as the fire inside him began to dwindle. His tail was limp as he hunched over more then usual, to weak to keep his head up as he moved sluggishly, following the river.

He stumbled along the way, falling down many times. For a long while, he didn't get up as he rested where he had fallen. The knife wound was burning, and not in a good way. He was so cold, he was shivering. He looked around. Nothing was familiar. He looked up at the sky. Where was he going again? He couldn't remember.

Never the less, he continued walking as he came upon a farmhouse. The Farmer was out working in the field when he walked up to the house, exhausted. "Demon!" the human yelled as he ran at Cham. Cham remembered nothing other then his body sliding down the tree he was kicked too.

The Minion again got to his feet as he staggered; his wound had opened up again and was bleeding. He held his side trying to stop the blood flow. He was so weak and tired, yet, for some reason, he just couldn't give in. He walked onward, loyally looking for his Masters, wherever they were.

Another day had passed. He had stopped to rest, sleeping in longer than he wanted as he struggled to wake up. His red color was going in shades of grey, the fire in his belly nothing but a fading spark and his body reaching its point of exhaustion.

Why did he keep going?

He didn't know. It never came to his mind. He just went. Regardless of anything and everything. He continued to walk onward, towards where he thought he felt a dark energy pulse. He tripped and stumbled as he fell down again. He didn't get up for a very long time as he rested, breathing labored and heavy.

When he did manage to get up, another day had gone by. The sun was down. He looked around, exhausted. Normally, as a minion, he could see in the dark but now, he was night-blind due to the condition he was in. Regardless of this setback, he got up just the same and continued heading in what he thought was the same direction, the river as his guide. By morning, he was collapsed by the riverside. Still and unmoving, the glow in him long gone and faded.
Again another short Chapter. It happens sometimes. Timing and placing. The next one . . . hopefully won't be so short. I'm not even sure which chapter so far is the shortest. :confused::shrug: what can you do?

:cough: Anyhow, getting back. What will happen next? Is Cham really dead? Will he make it? :evillaugh: I ain't tellin even if you send every minion after my ass. :threaten: I'll take you all out with just a bat!

Anyhow . . . I could have honestly done a lot worse to this minion. Should I have? :shrug:

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"Grass! And," sniffing again, "Sheepies!"

"hands and arms flailing about again"

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"All around, the alarm of his escape raged around like a wild fire"

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Yes, yes you can. But keep him away from anything that resembles a spider.
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