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Chapter 7: Castle Troubles Part 2

Malkor was slumped slightly against the wall. He was tired and thirsty. They had run out of water. The minions around him were dying off faster than he realized. Even Gnarl himself was struggling. Malkor leaned his head back. He had shed down to his tunic and pants to help reduce sweating. The minions had been gone for at least a day, if his calculations were correct.

It was only a matter of time before he completely lost it due to hallucinations. Minion blood was something he was not going to resort to. He'd rather die by dehydration than drink their blood, even if they sacrificed it for him. They'd have to force feed him.

Gnarl walked up. "Sire?"

Malkor slowly opened his blood-shot eyes. The normal red glow had dimmed down to a mere flicker, and the minion could see they were truly red, in a very bad way. "Sire, please! Drink, I know it's not of something of your desire, but it will strengthen you." Gnarl pulled out the small water-bladder of minion blood. He himself had been sipping it here and there to try to survive.

Malkor shook his head no. "Nay," he muttered before closing his eyes. He was so tired. He'd never felt so tired like this before. Gnarl sighed and flicked an ear slightly. If he didn't do something, Malkor would suffer a very painful and slow death. It was bad enough the minions around him were suffering.

He scowled. "So be it then, Lord." He looked around. "Giblet! Gabby! Rasp!" He called out as one of the few surviving browns hurried over as fast as they could. "Hold him down boys," Gnarl said as he looked at Malkor.

Malkors' eyes shot open to see the three minions leap at him.

The four struggled as Malkor tried to fend them off, growling. He was too weak to use his magic and his mana reserves were still low so all he could was make sparks with his hands as he and the minions wrestled.

He got up to his feet only to fall forward on his face as Giblet hog tied his hands behind his back. Gabby, with much struggle managed to get his feet finally tied up as Rasp tried to keep him still. Malkor, even as weak as he was, gave one hell of a fight for the minions as they tried to not hurt their master.

"What is the meaning of this!?!" Malkor roared out glaring at them as the Minions gave him sheepish smiles and waves.

"We are not going to lose you, sire," Gnarl said as he popped the cap off the bag and had the minions make Malkor sit up. Malkor snarled like an angry dog as Giblet, very carefully, put a clawed hand around his jaw to force it open.

"Me sorry Master, please forgive Giblet. Giblet no wish to harm Master. Giblet only want to help Master," Giblet said as he forced Malkor to open his jaw by pressing on his jawbone.

As soon as his mouth was open wide enough, Gnarl poured into his mouth the minion blood as he used his gnarled hand to force Malkor to close his mouth. Malkor sputtered and spat most of it out, mainly in Gnarls face as he coughed, gasping for air. He spat out and began to yell at him in elvin curses.

Gnarl made a face as he cleaned off his face with the sleeve of his coat. "Open his mouth up again, Giblet."

Giblet nodded, swallowing loudly as he did it again. Malkor fought him hard as Gabby and Rasp struggled to keep the very angry Overlord still as again, he was force fed the minion blood. This time, Gnarl covered up his nose and his mouth.

"If you wish to breath again, sire, you're going to have to swallow," Gnarl said, struggling to keep Malkors head still as Malkor thrashed his head around before making a very loud and a very deep throat swallow as Gnarl backed off. "Off, Minions!"

Malkor nearly threw the three into the wall as he kicked them off him, going to his hands and knees, gasping and coughing as he tried to hold back the bile that was building in his stomach. He thought he felt like shit before, now this was pushing his own limitations.

"Do try to keep it down, sire. We don't need you sicker than you already are. It was the only way and it will sustain you until the boys return," Gnarl said walking over with the dried up piece of bread.

Malkor shot him the dirtiest look he could give. He had minion blood dripping out his mouth and slightly out his nose from coughing it back up and spurting it out. The blood was vile and it had a sharp, crisp taste to it. It was revolting as he shuddered violently and tried to keep his stomach down. He snagged the bread and swallowed it almost whole as he tried to get the flavor of minion blood out his mouth.

Gnarl just watched as he wiped his face off slightly. Malkor panted for a moment. When he finally got his breath back, his hissed savagely and darkly, "don't ever do that again."

"I wouldn't dream of doing it again, Lord, but it was the only way to save you," Gnarl said looking at him as the Overlord collapsed on the ground, exhausted. "Rasp, you're on guard, watch him and make sure he still moves. Gabby, Giblet, back to digging, boys. We need to breech that wall at all cost."

@};--- ~}*{~ ---;{@

Cham looked around. He had a few 'borrowed' items from the castle that had caught his interest as armor. After all, one shouldn't wander around exposed. He looked fondly at his newfound knife as he pinned it back against his thigh. That was a just in case something happened. His side was feeling much better. He still kept thinking of the Lady.

Who was she and, more importantly, why did she help him?

He pushed it aside. He had to find the Masters. He could feel the surge of magic and power around the castle but with each day, it seemed it was growing faint. He ran along the corridors. He travelled only by day, his glowing belly didn't help him any at night as far as stealth.

He hurried down a corridor going lower in levels. Nothing of interest was above as he made his way down to the cellar and the basements. However, one thing kept him from making much progress.

He kept getting lost in the damn corridors. He as forced to stop yet again, as he scratched his head in thought. Gathering a ball of fire in hand, he threw it at the wall as a marker. "There! Now me know when me come back," he said cheerfully as he hurried off.

@};--- ~}*{~ ---;{@

"What is that smell?" Spoon asked as they slowed down. The air smelled odd. Qeb looked up and smelled the air as well.

"Me not know," he replied, looking around.

"It fire," Steve said as his ears perked up

"Fire??" Qeb said nervously. If there were a fire, they'd never make it to the Elites in time to save the Master!

"Look! Wall black!" Egg said as he ran up to it and touched it before yipping loudly and pulling his hand away.

"What wrong?" Grimm asked, hurrying up. He had been on guard duty. There was not a single guard in sight and he over heard the comments about a fire~?

"It hot! It hot!" Egg said holding his clawed hand as he shook it about, trying to cool it off.

Qeb, Spoon, Steve and Grimm walked up. The five minions studied the burn mark on the wall. "Think it Red?" Grimm asked, breaking the silence.

"Why Red be here?" Steve asked, puzzled.

"Master here, maybe . . . Red look for Master?" Qeb said thinking.

"Hm," Grimm pondered, scratching his head. "Let us follow, find Red, and help Master. Yes?"

"Yes!" the other four minions chanted as they hurried off, following the smell of fire down the hall.

Cham ran down the hallway, lost and confused as he came across old markers before going the opposite direction only to come upon more of his marks. He stopped and sat down, dizzied. His head was spinning as he tried to gather his thoughts when suddenly he heard a loud series of crashing as not one, not two nor three but five browns came pelting down the hallway, all screaming.

Not far behind them was a massive Mastiff guard-dog chasing after them as the five browns ran down. Grimm leaped over him, Spoon and Egg dodged clear of him, Steve leap-frogged over him and Qeb . . .  .

Qeb had no to little idea there was a small red sitting in the middle of the floor. Qeb was looking back at the massive dog, map clutched tightly in his clawed hand. "Look out!" Grimm called out, a little too late for even he had just realized there was something in the middle of the way.

Qeb looked forward as he blinked before running full force into the young minion as the two went sprawling across the sleek floor and slammed into the wall. Cham got his horns stuck momentarily as he struggled to pull them out before looking back to see what and why they were running.

He gave his own scream as he instinctively threw a fireball at the beast. The mastiff skidded as the fireball came hurling at its face. It yipped loudly as the fireball exploded on its face, blinding it as it ran around, crashing into the walls. Cham and Qeb watched for a moment before gathering their senses.

When they were out of range and reach of the dog, the six minions stopped and panted for breath. It was then that all five browns realized, they had a red among them as Qeb, over excited at seeing a red for the first time, leaped onto Cham.

"Red Minion! We have Red Minion!" The new-spawn brown called out as Cham struggled under his weight before falling flat on his face. Spoon, Egg, Steve and even Grimm, found themselves grinning ear to ear at their lost and new friend minion.

Cham struggled under Qebs hug of doom. "Lemme go!" He called out as he struggled to breath. He was still weak from all his days of running. Qeb blinked and let him go, giving him a sheepish grin.

"Hehehehe, sorry."

Cham nodded and brushed himself off as he looked at the browns. "Browns. Me found Browns and if me found browns . . . ." Cham began to dance and pump his fists into the air, hopping up and down and from one foot to another foot.

"Me found the Masters! Me found Dark Ones! Now we save Reds!"

"Hold it!" Grimm said, holding out a clawed hand to calm him down. "Dark ones? No more dark ones. They dead. Just Elites and Gnarl left."

Cham stopped his very short celebration as all the color in him drained at the new. "W-what? No d-dark ones? No Masters!?" He panicked.

Qeb shuck his head no, making his ear flop slightly. "No Dark Ones, but we have Master . . .  Master!" He said remembering. He quickly pulled out the map. They were close now. Just a few more turns then they would finally hit the cellars.

"Master in trouble?" Cham asked as he looked over the map.

"Yes, all browns in trouble. Gnarl in trouble too!" Spoon and Egg said as one. Steve was out on guard as he ran back and forth from one hallway corner to another.

"All clear!" he said as he hurried back.

"What way we go?" Grimm asked looking at the map.

Qeb studied it for a moment. He looked around, "This way!" He quickly rolled it up as he took off. Cham stood there, stumped for a moment, before he too hurried after them. Unsure of where they were going, but if the Master was in trouble, he'd do all he could to save him then the reds.

"We coming, Master!" Qeb exclaimed as he hurried off and down the stairs. The minions stopped dead when they hit the cellars as they all gasped in horror, Cham finally caught up as he walked up to them, still puzzled by what was going on.

The way down was blocked and sealed up with stone.
Ew. :XD: Malkor had to drink Minion blood. Actually, that'd probably be better for him. I've read up to make sure I am correct, blood will actually in a way, help with dehydration.

Don't believe me? ---> [link] or [link] and you can look.

And :nuu::nuu::nuu:

The way to Malkor is blocked!

Will the Minions make it to the weakened Overlord in time and now that Cham has found the Browns, can he save the Overlord and his own Minion tribe?

:squee::squee:And yes. It is like 1:05 am in the morning Rocky Mountain Time UT or whatever the hell the time-zone is called in this general area of the united states. My damnable kitten is tickling my foot. I'm listening to techno songs :dummy: and working on Chapter 8 and my surprise.:squee::squee:

@;-- ~*~ --;@

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Overlord rulings [some of the names are from other fan-fics; credits below]:
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:bulletred: Overlord [4]: Vessperion
:bulletred: Overlord [5]: Sayron

:bulletblack: Overlord characters/places/settings/creatures/GAMES (c) Climax and Codemasters: [link]
:bulletred: Original Vessperion/Sayron and Gnarls History: [link]
:bulletred: Also got some info and such from
From her Minion Mistress [Still reading them btw so it will take me awhile] [link]
:bulletyellow: For helping me with grammer errors and editing.

:bulletorange: Personality of Overlord Malkor [Mal- Cor]:

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Probably that. Only take what they need to keep it . . . somewhat usuable.

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Cham is cute~ :D
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I've not a clue in hell.

And yes, they are very loyal XD but thats a price to pay. Personally, I think Malkor out of all the Overlords, is the unlucky one . . . .

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It pays off to do research if you get stuck. Nothing is too difficult, there´s always a way out!

With that you´ll upgrade my knowledge of drawing reds. I suck at them. :XD:
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Yeah, but still. Its nasty nasty nasty.

And yeah. In ways he is. Other he isn't so much.

And sure thing. Why don't you just look at how Ramul draws his minions? Thats what I use for a base.
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