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Chapter 9: The Ancients Awaken.

@;---Day Tunnel Collapses: Two Days Prior Before Chams Escape.---;@

He was sound asleep, awaiting the day and the moment when---

Someone was bouncing on him. Anger quickly flowed into him, breaking him of his dreamful slumber and into the wake of reality as he opened his single and only good eye. "Get hell off me!" he snarled as he quickly reeled up and slashed at the moron jumping on him.

The minion rolled backward before landing down flat on his stomach as the one minion with the one eye glared over at him sleepily. "Demy awake!" the minion grinned wide."

"What me tell of what happens with name?" Demeter growled as he slowly got to his feet, stretching and giving a wide yawn.

"Me get ears ripped apart!" the idiotic minion shouted with glee.

Demeter looked at him before lying back down and rolling over, his back turned to him. It amazed Demeter that the moron was even an Ancient, and . . . more so to his astonishment, alive.

"Come on Demy, no sleep-sleep," The minion said, getting back on his feet as he walked over and again proceeded to jump up and down slightly on Demeter. Demeter, already angered from his rude wake-up call, lashed out at the minion. Soon, the two were chasing each other around the room.

A minion leaped up from the spawn pool as he landed down. All over, he had various piercings from his lips, to his brows and ears; he even had his tongue pierced for the hell of it all. He stood up and watched Demeter chased the one moronic minion around the room. Demeter was out for blood against the minion. Another Ancient Minion leapt out of the spawn-chamber, landing by the one with all the piercings.

"He no learn, does he?" the minion asked the one with the piercings.

"He no learn indeed."

"He lucky he still have ears."

"Or face."

"Or eyes."

The one with the piercings watched them for a bit longer before walking out towards the chambers when the ground began to shake slightly. Suddenly, without warning, the tunnels leading out suddenly collapsed as the minions in the chamber leaped back.

"What in hell!" Demeter coughed as the browns slowly got to their feet. Demeter waved the dust away from him as the four Ancients walked over to where the tunnel used to be. All four stood staring at the massive rock and dirt wall.

"What we do?" the one with the ripped up ears asked, looking at the wall in shock.

"Me don't know," Demeter said looking at the wall.

"We need do something," the minion with the piercings said. The Ancient standing next to him nodded in agreement.

"We could dig with what browns we have?" the one Ancient suggested.

"Ok. We dig what we can."

@;---Seven Days since Tunnel Collapse: Five from Chams Escape.---;@

Demeter slowly counted the numbers of browns left. They had lost more then half of their new-spawn due to exhaustion. They had plenty of water, where the blue hive would eventually be placed, was extremely wet, due to a spring that pooled out from the walls. Water was not their problem; it was the lack of food and exhaustion.

They had been digging since the tunnels' collapse, and that was almost eight days ago.

Demeter looked around. The minions were working nonstop to try to clear out the tunnel. Another problem, just how long was the tunnel? That seemed to be the more haunting thing on his mind. How far did they have to dig? How long will it take and more importantly, how many more minions were they going to lose?

They were already doing blood sacrificing of the new-spawns to feed the others. He himself, opposed to the idea of cannibalism. However, it was still meat nonetheless. He sneered and made a face at a half eaten minion corpse.

Demeter was too proud to eat minion meat. He would however, drink the blood of a minion but never soil his mouth with minion flesh. He forbid the other Ancients to even take part in such an act.

Eade, the one with the many piercings walked back from the dark tunnel way. "We down to last torch. We use it up?"

"Damn, last one?"

"Yes. Use?"

Demeter pondered. True they could see in the dark, but there was always some sort of light. True darkness, they were as blind as humans even in starlight darkness. He growled. Such decisions and thinking made his brain hurt. His mind was still too simple to comprehend the stress.

"We need Gnarl," he sighed sitting down. Gnarl was the one that had been selected by the Dark Masters to become the Minion Master. He himself still didn't understand why they selected him as one of the Brown Elites. He sighed and made up his mind.




"Ok," Eade flicked an ear as he watched Demeter growl and scowl of things. He walked back picking up the last torch stick. Demeter watched as the tunnel suddenly began to glow slightly from the torch. They managed to find three torches in the chambers that would actually light.

Jorck was the one that figured out how to light them. He was chasing Jerzy and in anger, threw a rock that created sparks as it hit another rock. This gave the minions a means to use fire. Again, it was limited.

@;---Present time---;@

Rollick stopped dead at the top of the stairs as thick black smoke bellowed out from the storage room. Head Chef stopped dead as well as he held his head, "Rollick! What in hell have you done?" He screamed.

Rollick ignored him as he kneeled over coughing hard in the thick black smoke. Before Head Chef could do anything to him, Rollick hurried down the steps as he waved the air in front of him, trying to clear the air. "Minions? Minions!" he called out as he looked around. Everything was covered in a thin sheet of black powdered from the barrels.

"Minions!" he shouted as he looked around for them. He coughed as he was forced to get out of the room again and into fresh air as he wheezed for his breath back. Slowly, one by one, the guards began to stir. The explosion had knocked them back however, their armor had spared them from most of the shrapnel. Their hearing was another matter.

Rollick didn't bother helping them up as he moved rocks and debris out of the way as he looked for the six minions. He was forced to stop yet again from the thick smoke and dust. Thinking fast, he used his hat to help him breath in the thick air. "Minions!" He coughed.

Up at the stairs, the Head Chef and some of the other servants hurried down as they began to slowly drag out the guards. Head Chef looked around for his trainee. "Rollick! Rollick, where in hell are you!?" He yelled out as he slowly made his way down, coughing and breathing through a towel.

Rollick came burst out and up the stairs as he put his hands on his knees, breathing hard. Head Chef growled at him and upsides his head. "The hell you think you're doing!?"

"Malkor's down there!"

"Malkor?! The Baron?"

"Yes," Rollick wheezed out. Once he got his breath back, he quickly found a rag himself and tied it around his face like a mask. Before the Head Chef could say anything to him, he ran down and using some pans, began to scoop away the debris as best as he could.

There was a low groan as a minion finally sat up. He was covered from head to foot in debris as he held his head. His ears were ringing loudly, he couldn't even hear his own thoughts, not that he had any to begin with. Rollick looked over and hurried to his side, helping him up when slowly, one by one, the other minions pushed themselves up.

They were all suffering from the ringing in the ear and the slight hearing loss. "Thank goodness you're all well, somewhat," Rollick sighed, relieved.

The minions blinked and rubbed their eyes as they looked at the wall. To their dismay, the wall was still not even close to toppling over yet. All they had done was successfully blowing up the storage room and loosening the rubble.

"No," Qeb whimpered as he shakily walked over, still trying to regain his balance from the explosion. "No--!" his cry suddenly cut short when the wall moved. Jumping, he quickly scrambled back as the Guards got to their feet and drew their swords. Something was moving the wall.

Cham perked his ears forward as he went to the wall and placed an ear on the wall. The wall moved again as he too jumped back, tripping over a rubble piece. He watched the wall as a scabby clawed hand burst from the loose rock and began to tear down the wall as another set followed by another pair of claws began to rip the wall down from the other side.

"Watch out!" Rollick cried as the wall began to collapse forward on their side. The minions quickly scooted out of the way. When the smoke cleared again, there standing in the doorway were four brown minions. However, unlike the browns at Rollicks feet, these minions were slightly taller and more ripped in muscle.

One walked forward, he had his right ear ripped off, his right eye was gone, leaving just an empty socket and his face scratched and horribly disfigured. He had scars all down his right side as well as scratch marks all across his body. He wielded no weapon other then his long claws.

His single and only good glowing yellow eye narrowed as he looked around and waved his hand signaling the other three to follow. Walking up behind him was another brown minion. This minion had many piercings on his ears as well as around his face. He grinned wide as he looked around, snickering about something.

The third minion walked up and joined up beside the minion with the missing eye. He had scratches all over his eyes but still had both eyes and could still see as he looked around.

The last minion leaped and landed on the one-eyed minion, grinning wide before the one-eyed pushed him off. "Get off Jerzy!" the brown snarled as the one named Jerzy flew forward and skidded before landing at the groups feet. Jerzy looked up and smiled at the minions and Rollick. He had his ears ripped up to the point they were limp against his head.

The one-eyed walked up to the small newborns as he narrowed his eye slightly. "You tried to reach us?"

All the minions nodded slowly. Even Grimm found himself unsure around this larger minion. Qeb spoke first, stammering badly, "M-Master i-is-ss s-stuck . . ."

Cham piped up, "He trapped!"

"Y-Yes, t-told us-s to f-find you. W-want y-you to help knock w-wall down."

"That wall?" The one-eyed asked, looking back behind him.

"No," Qeb said, gathering up his courage. "Wall in Minion burrow spawn room. Halflings attacked us, blew up tunnel exits."

"So that why wall there," the minion with the many piercings said as the other two nodded in agreement with him. The one-eyed was still in thought.

"We have new master? Is it Dark Ones?"

"No, it Overlord."

All four Ancient minions looked up as they all blinked. "Overlord? We have Overlord?" the one-eyed minion spoke up.

Qeb nodded as Egg, Spoon, Steve and Grimm nodded vigorously, trying to convince the Ancient what they said was true. Cham however, was at a lose as he sat down and just listened, as best as he could. His mind however, kept wondering off.

"What think Demeter, we help?" The minion with the many piercings asked.

Demeter pondered. "We help. See if what said true."

"But we tried dig wall, it too thick. Even for claws," the one minion said with the ripped up ear commented.

"We use a boom box!" Cham said happily.

The minions looked at him as the five newborn browns made a face. They were still recovering from their first attempt to blow up a wall. Demeter looked at him as he tried to remember what a boom box was or even guess.

"Barrel of black powder," the one with the piercings said simply.

"Oh!" Demeter exclaimed, "Boom box, me remember now. Yes. We need many boom boxes. Risk blowing up burrows, but if, "Overlord" is trapped. We help."

"I can help get the gunpowder barrels. Come on, lets hurry," Rollick said as the six small minions nodded and hurried off to get another barrel. Demeter and the other Ancients all narrowed their eyes at the humans.

"Think we trust fat human?" the one with the many piercings asked.

"For now," Demeter said as they followed Rollick. The guards backed away from the Ancients. They were taller then the newborns and looked far more dangerous. Rollick led them back to the outer wall where the gunpowder barrels were kept as they began to slowly carry and roll the barrels down the stairs.

Rollick helped Cham carry a barrel down the stairs. He had oddly grown fond of the small red minion in the short time. Cham too, seemed to have taken a liking to Rollick, even if he was a human. When the reached the burrows and the spawning pits, Rollick couldn't help but let out a loud gasp of surprise and wonder.

"This has been under the castle? The whole time?"

"Yes," Demeter said in a rugged tone, not wanting to answer the human.

Rollick looked around as Cham, reminded him that they were carrying a rather heavy barrel. "Oh right, most sorry, er, I never did catch your name?" Rollick asked fixing his grip.

"Cham," Cham said simply and happily.


"Yes. Cham."

"Well, Cham, I'm Rollick. A dear friend of Malkors."

"A friend of Masters is a friend of me," Cham said happily, as the two rolled the barrel to the wall. Demeter looked at the wall as he placed an ear against it. He could hear something, but it was muffled and distorted.

"Place barrels here," Demeter called out as the Ancients and the new-spawn along with Rollick carefully began to stack the barrels.

"You sure we need four?"

Demeter pondered as Cham studied the situation carefully. "Take one away," slowly counts on his fingers before holding up the number. "Three good. No want hurt browns digging. Will loosen up."

Demeter and the Ancients looked at the small Red. He looked at the one with the piercings, "What you say, Eade?"

Eade flicked an ear, making all his earrings jingle, "He red. Knows best of boom."

Demeter and Eade worked quickly as they rolled a barrel away and out of the blast range. Rollick then began to make a fuse trail with the gunpowder for Cham to ignite as he led the trail back to what used to be the storage room. "Think that's far enough Cham or should I go farther?"

Cham peeked out from behind the door and looked down. They had to use boards over the stairs for the gunpowder as Cham slowly looked-over the powder trail. "It look far enough. We need to hide low. After-Boom not as fun as boom."

"We're all ready when you are Cham."
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The Ancient Elite Minions:
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Jerzy -- the moron
Jorck -- lamed ear




The Originals - First Generation:




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